I jumped, but no jumps are detected. Why?

Step #1 - Check if the Equisense sensor and the App are up-to-date

The first thing to do when your sensor does not detect any jumps is to verify that you have installed the newest software on the App and the newest firmware on the sensor.

📲Updating the app: Go to your app Store or Google Play Store to install the update. More information here: How do I update my app?

📲Updating the sensor: Open the Equisense App and connect your sensor to your phone. Go to the tab "parameters" > "Sensors" and click on "Update". More information here: How do I update my sensor?

Step #2 - Check the height of the jumps

How high did you jump? You have to know that the sensor does not detect jumps lower than 70-80 cm. For some horses a jump lower than 70-80 cm cannot be clearly distinguished from a usual canter stride. Thus, it is very difficult for the Motion to detect. In real life, it depends a lot on the energy that comes with the jump. Some horses jump very energetically that even a jump of 30 cm can be detected as such.

Consequently, the issue can be the height.

Step #3 - Check the fixation of the attachment and the sensor

In fact, in 90% of the cases where jumps are not detected the attachment OR the sensor have been fixed the wrong way round:

  • Either the sensor is inserted the wrong way round in the attachment
  • Either the attachment is fixed the wrong way round at your horse

Reminder: The sensor is inserted from the left side of the horse. If you insert it from the right side, it means that the attachment is fastened the wrong way.

Once the sensor inserted, the LED should point to the ground and be the last thing you see when you insert it (hence the left). The side with the USB port has to be inserted first and be in the back of the orange shell. The LED light has to become visible by simply lifting the "loose" part of the shell.

Here are 3 further articles that might help you:

If you're having this issue, check the first 3 boxes. If the issue persists, go to step #4.

Step #4 - Contact us! ☎️ 📩

If the issue persists even though the first 3 points are right, contact us:

If the problem persists, please feel free to contact us directly. We will be very happy to help you.

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