How do I Fasten the Motion / Motion Essential Attachment to my Girth?

To fix the attachment we've marked the different parts with L (Left) and R (Right) indications which you can refer to. Make sure to respect these indications to correctly fasten the attachment to your girth.

Equisense Motion anbringen

Once the attachment is assembled, fasten it to your girth using the velcro. The velcro must be pointed towards the outside and the back of the horse: ensure that the orange protection case is inserted correctly and securely attached to the girth.

Equisense Motion Gurt
A correctly fastened attachment

Make sure the attachment and the sensor point the right and that they both are securely attached to the girth. It is the only way to ensure that the Motion records your training data correctly.

The attachment can be fastened to any girth using the velcro.

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