My data seems to be wrong. What can I do?

Updated 1 year ago by Sina

In order to test the reliability of your data, you can perform some simple tests.

One test could be to ride only on a straight line but in different gaits and check whether the Motion shows the right gait at the right time. Another test could be to ride in a circle only at the left or right rein and check whether the Motion shows the right rein. 

If you are using the Equisense Motion for the first time, you might have the feeling that it shows too many transitions. Take some time and do some more sessions. It is not easy to be objective while riding yourself. It is the same when it comes to the time spent in canter. 

Additionally, make sure that the attachment is correctly fastened to the girth. For more information on how to fix the attachment: How do I fasten the attachment to my girth?

If you still have the feeling that your data is wrong, activate the option "help us to improve our algorithms" in the parameters of the app. Do some more sessions with your Motion and contact us at

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