My session has disappeared. What can I do?

1st Question: Is your session stopped correctly?

The first thing to do is to check whether the session has been stopped or not. ⏭ For that, rely on the LED of your sensor.

❌ LED flashes slowly = session not stopped

If the LED flashes slowly, the sensor is still recording! In this case you will have to stop the session. To do this, first try reconnecting to your sensor by closing and then reopening the app. Press the "+ - record" button, and wait a few seconds for your sensor to reconnect. If the LED turns blue, it is connected. Normally, the current session should appear automatically. Let the phone and the sensor synchronize, and turn off the session when the stopwatch is running normally. The session will then appear in the list.

Under iOS you may have to restart a session to retrieve already saved data.
✅ The led is not blinking = session well stopped

In this case, let's move on to the second question.

2nd Question: Has the sensor sent all the session to your phone?

To do this, start a small session with the sensor in your hand. Let it run for a few of seconds and then turn it off. Wait for it to appear in the list. Sometimes it's enough to make the missing session appear again.

3rd Question: Has your phone received all the data from the server?

To find this out, pull down the list of sessions until the little wheel starts to turn. Sometimes it's as simple as that!

You can also try to log out and log back in from your account.

I still don't have my session

If despite all of this, you don't see your session, please contact us via email at - we'll be able to check if we can find this session or not :)

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