My sensor does not connect to my account!

As a reminder, here is how to proceed to pair up a sensor to your account: How to associate a sensor to your account?

If you are unable to associate the sensor to your account, here are some checks to make:

  1. To associate your sensor to your account, you absolutely need a good internet connection (Wi-Fi or 4G). Try again when you have good cell service.
  2. Also check that your phone's Bluetooth has been activated, and that the sensor is awake (the sensor's LED should be green).
  3. Check if the sensor is detected by your phone.
    1. If it appears as "Detected - Not Paired", go to step 4
    2. If it does not appear in the list at all, contact us
  4. Try pairing the sensor on another phone:
    1. If it works on another phone:
      1. Make sure your phone is compatible with Equisense
      2. Try restarting your phone
    2. If it doesn't work on another phone, contact us. The sensor may be blocked as it can be considered stolen.
If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will be happy to assist you

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