Can I share my sensor with somebody else?

It is possible to share an Equisense sensor with other riders. There is no limitation in number.

As the owner of the sensor, you don't have to do anything to allow this sharing.

As the "tenant" of the sensor, log into your own account on the app and associate the sensor with your account as if it were your own.

❌ However, it is not possible to log in to more than one sensor at the same time, nor is it possible to log in to multiple sensors at the same time.

You can, however, be associated with multiple sensors, but you will only be able to connect to one at a time.

Be careful, if the owner and the tenant of the sensor are together around the sensor, we advise you that the one who does not use the sensor cuts its bluetooth connection. Thus, it will avoid that the sensor reconnects to the wrong phone during the recording of a session.
More information on our shared-horse feature: Sharing a horse

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