I forgot to stop my session!

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Motion and Motion S have an automatic shutdown system

Please note that since version 2.5.16 for Motion as well as all versions for Motion S, an automatic shutdown feature has been added.

The shutdown is triggered after the sensor being stopped for 30 minutes, or after 10 minutes if the sensor detects that it is not on a horse (depending on its position). Once you reconnect to the sensor, the session will synchronize itself with the phone. It will appear on the date of its launch in the session list.

If in doubt, start by checking that Motion is still recording a session

The first thing to do if you have a doubt is to check if the session is still running or not. ⏭ For that, trust the sensor's LED.

❌ The LED flashes slowly = the session is not stopped

If the LED is flashing slowly, the sensor is still recording! In this case, we will have to stop the session. To do this, try to reconnect to your sensor by closing and reopening the app. Press the "+ - record" button, check the "Motion Session" button and wait a few seconds for your sensor to reconnect. If the LED turns blue, it is connected. Normally, the current session should appear automatically. Let the phone and sensor sync, and shut down the session when the timer is running normally. The session will then appear in the list.

💡If you can not do this, you can also put your sensor in charge, it will shut down the session immediately. It then have to reconnect your sensor to your app for synchronization to be done.

✅ The led is stil = the session is stopped

In this case, reconnect your Motion to your app for synchronization to occur.

⚠️ Currently, it is not possible to cut your session in order to only keep the part in which you've actually trained, or to stop your session remotely. I therefore invite you to stop the session and delete it if it is too long and it distorts your statistics.

If you have any problem, do not hesitate to contact us by email at contact@equisense.fr

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