Motion S: Installation Guide

How to Install the Equisense Motion S?

To install the Equisense Motion S, we will do it in 4 steps. Click on the links to open the dedicated articles!

1. Apply conductive gel on both electrodes

2. Fasten the attachment on the girth

3. Position the high electrode

4. Insert the sensor

Step 1: Apply Conductive Gel on Both Electrodes

Apply some gel on the grey fabric of the electrode and attachment then spread it evenly so all surface area is covered.

A bottle of gel will be given together with the Motion S sensor. If you need more gel, you may order it on our website

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Step 2: Fasten the Attachment

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Do not forget to apply gel on the electrodes

Step 3: Position the Electrode Under the Saddle Pad

Adjust the cable and clip it to the attachment

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Step 4: Insert the Sensor

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Here is a video tutorial on how to install Motion S!

Let's do this!

The only thing left to do is to start a session! If it's your first session, read this: How do I put the sensor into operation?

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