How to calculate my horse’s weight?

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How to calculate my horse’s weight?

The calculation of the horse's weight is necessary to calculate his workload. In fact, the workload calculated through the horse's weight and his heart rate at work.

To measure the weight of your horse, several ways are possible.

1. Via the calories map of the week

This card appears automatically in the "Sessions" tab from the moment a Motion S is associated with your account. If you have a Motion, this map will not appear.

If it is displayed, click on "Estimate Weight". You will then have the choice to enter the weight manually (if you already know it), or to estimate it, for which you will need the measuring tape that provided together with your Motion S.

If you choose to estimate the weight, then you will need to measure the thoracic perimeter. Make sure that the horse is standing on a leveled ground. Measure the chest perimeter by placing the measuring tape vertically above the girth passage.

Measure the hight at withers :

The weight is then calculated:

2. Via the horse's profile

You can also enter the weight of your horse manually, even if you do not have a Motion S. Just go to the "Horses" tab, choose your horse then adjust the weight on the "Weight" line.

If you do not know the horse's weight, the formula to apply is the following:

Weight (kg) = 3 * Height at withers (cm) + 4.3 * Thoracic perimeter (cm) - 785 (at ± 25kg)

Attention, this formula is only valid for sport horses!

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