⏩ May I add the strap with electrode to the Motion to get the Motion S?

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❌ Unfortunately, this is technically not possible. Despite its similar functioning, the Motion S is very different from the Motion.

We had to change several components to allow the heart rate monitoring. These components are different or missing in the Motion.The Motion S sensor is no upgrade of the Motion sensor but a completely new product.

We have summed up all the differences between the Motion and the Motion S. You will quickly see that it is simply not possible from a technical point of view :

1- To measure the heart rate, electrodes are needed

To be more exact, there are even 2 of them: one under the saddle pad and the other one near the heart.

These two electrodes need to be able to conduct electricity because the pulse of the heart is an electric signal which cannot be conducted by leather. This is why chose a different material for the attachment this time.

Here you can see the two electrodes for Motion S:

2- The electrodes need to be connected to one another

The pulse of the heart is an electric signal, which means that in order to measure it, the potential difference between the two electrodes needs to be considered. This is why they need to be connected to the sensor. The electrode at the top is fastened to the attachment with a button.

The electrodes do not only have to be connected to one another, but also to the sensor. This has 3 consequences:

  1. We have replaced the removable leather attachment with a more flexible one made from a completely different material. Otherwise, the electricity could not be conducted.

  1. If you have a look inside the orange case, you can see that there are contacts made out of metal that are each connected to one of the electrodes.

  1. The sensor itself gives the information collected by the electrodes to the microprocessor using the metal plates on each side of the sensor.

Let’s have a look at this in detail:

3- The sensor and its components

As the Motion S needs to be connected to the attachment and to the electrodes, the sensor itself and its inside also differ a lot from the Motion.

On each side of the Motion S is a metal plate that is in contact with the attachment, forming a circuit that is connected to a microcontroller, thus the “brain” of the sensor, the place where all the information is connected and processed.

This microcontroller is not the same as the one used for Motion. It is even more efficient.

The same goes for the sensors within the Motion S. They also differ: they are even more powerful and more precise, too.

Due to all these technical changes, it is unfortunately not possible to simply update Motion in order to be able to use all the features of Motion S

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