How Much Gel Should I Apply to the Electrode?

In order for your horse's heart rate signal to be recorded well, you must apply conductive gel on the two electrodes: the low electrode (the one integrated in the attachment) and the high electrode (which goes under the saddle pad). Apply a small amount of gel on the grey fabric and spread it well.

A bottle of gel will be given together with the Motion S sensor. If you need more gel, you may order it on our website equisense
If for some reason you do not wish to use the heart rate monitor, it is not necessary to apply gel nor to use the high electrode.
💡Another little tip, you can replace the gel with salt water. To do this, take a spray bottle or a bottle. Fill it with a mixture of water and salt, with a teaspoon of salt for 1L of water. Spray the mixture directly on the horse's hair so that it is well soaked, as well as on the two electrodes. You can eventually add a little bit of gel if you wish. It is very effective for very hairy horses!

Putting Gel on electrode

Putting gel on attachment

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