How to Correctly Position the High Electrode?

You must position the high electrode under the saddle pad to be able to obtain a heart rate signal.

1) Apply Gel on the Electrode

In order for your horse's heart signal to be recorded accurately, you must apply conductive gel on both of the electrodes, on the grey fabric.

A bottle of gel will be given together with the Motion S sensor. If you need more gel, you may order it on our website

2) Position the Electrode Under the Saddle Pad

The high electrode needs to be placed vertically and under your saddle blanket (it should just be under where your thigh sits). The side with the grey fabric goes against your horse, while the velro goes towards the saddle blanket so ensure the electrode stays in position. It should be oriented slightly forward so it comes out infront of the girth. That way, there is no risk of it getting caught while you are riding.

Placement of the high electrode on the horse

3) Adjust the Elastic Cable and Clip It

Clip the elastic cable onto the attachment. If the cable is a little too long for your horse, you can make a small loop using the strap at the top of the electrode cable. It is made especially for that!

Placing the sensor in the attachment

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