Motion or Motion S ❤️. What is right one for me?

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You've decided that you want to progress faster by taking the best care of your horse, and this with the help of a training companion! Now you're at the step of thinking which is the right one for you? Here some point which might help you in your decision:

  1. Discipline
    The first point you can take into account is your main discipline.

    Your needs

    Motion and Motion S advantages

    A symmetrical horse

    A fit, well-muscled and well-shaped horses

    A horse with a regular cadence

    A horse with an high elevation

    Locomotion analysis (both)

    • Symmetry
    • Time at each lead
    • Cadence
    • Cadence regularity
    • Elevation

    Fitness analysis (Motion S ❤️)

    • Heart-rate monitoring
    • Calories burned
    Cross country:
  2. Goals
  3. Budget

We've summed up all differences and similarities in our Product comparison page.

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