How to fasten the Equisense Motion S attachment on my girth?

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Fasten the Motion S attachment

The Motion S attachment is delivered in one piece. It adapts directly to any type of girth: straight, anatomical, stud girth...

1) Direction of the attachment

The attachment has to be fi in a certain direction: the opening of the hull must be present on the left side of the horse once installed. This way, the grey tissue attachment electrode can also be seen on the left, so close to the heart of the horse. Also, scratches must be directed backwards, as for horse boots!

2) Tighten the attachment on the girth

Motion S can not work properly if the attachment is not securely attached onto the girth. So remember to pull on both sides and stretch the rubber bands, then tighten the scratch loops, so that the clip does not wobble.

3) Apply gel on the electrodes

In order for the horse's heart rate signal to be well recorded by the Motion S, it is necessary to apply conductive gel on the two electrodes: the low electrode (the one integrated in the attachment) and the high electrode (which goes under the saddle pad). Apply a small amount of gel on the grey tissue and spread it well all over the surface.

A bottle of gel will be given together with the Motion S sensor. If you need more gel, you may order it on our website
If for some reason you do not wish to use the heart rate monitor, it is not necessary to apply gel nor to use the high electrode.

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