My sensor does not connect!

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You can't connect your sensor to your mobile device? We'll find a solution!

To connect your sensor, here's how to proceed.

  1. Get your sensor and your phone
  2. Turn on the bluetooth on your phone
  3. Shake the sensor to make the LED light up green
  4. Press the "Record" button in your app (at the bottom of your screen in the middle)
  5. The connexion has to be automatic, and the LED of your sensor has to turn blue

If this doesn't work, here's how to proceed:

1 - Check that the bluetooth is on

The sensor and the phone communicate via bluetooth. It's crucial to check that your phone's bluetooth is on. Don't hesitate to turn it off and back in again if it doesn't work at first.

2 - Check that your app is up to date

Make sure that your app is on the last available version. To do this, go on the App Store (Apple) or the Google Play Store (Android), look for Equisense and click on update if it's available.

3 - Check that the sensor is working properly

The LED of your sensor has to be green. If it's blue, it means the sensor is already connected to a phone.

4 - If it still doesn't work, here's what to do

If, despite everything you've tried you still can't connect your phone to the sensor, here's what you can try, in this order:

  1. turn the bluetooth of your phone off and turn it back on - try again
  2. completely close the app and start it again - try again
  3. turn off your phone and turn it back on again - try again
  4. Only for Android: Go into the bluetooth settings of your phone, then click on the options next to "EQS" and choose "Forget" or "Remove from the list of devices" - try again
  5. Android: Go into the settings of your phone, then in "Apps", then in "Equisense". Select "storage", clear the data AND clear the cache. It's important that you do both! Don't worry, this wont delete your sessions :) - try again 
    iOS: Uninstall and reinstall the app - try again
  6. We're going to restart your Motion. To do this, you just have to press into the little hole next to the USB port of the sensor with a needle / earring / something sharp for 2 seconds. The LED will turn red then green - try again.

If, despite good use, you still can't connect to it, click on the button below to access the bluetooth connection troubleshooting guide:

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