How does the training intensity work?

Updated 6 months ago by Sina

To work on your horse's physical condition, i.e. its endurance, you have to work in a slightly more intense effort zone as usual.

Theoretically, this intense effort zone should be at 160 bpm which is ~70% of the HRmax. Beyond 190bpm, you go to more than 70% of the HRmax, and therefore in a very intense, anaerobic effort zone.

In theory, the thresholds are the following:

  • Light: 28-160bpm
  • Moderate: 160-190bpm
  • Intense: 190-240bpm

However, you will quickly see that in a usual training you will rarely get over 160 bpm! That's why we've put the default thresholds lower. If you want to work on your horse's stamina, you will have to train over this value!

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