How does the training intensity work?


To help you better identify if a session was difficult or not for your horse, the Equisense app divides your work into 5 effort zones based on heart rate:

  • Very light (0 to 110 bpm)
  • Light (from 110 to 130 bpm)
  • Moderate (130 to 150 bpm)
  • Intense (150 to 180 bpm)
  • Maximal (180 to 240 bpm)

Should you go to the most intense effort zones?

The distribution of your work according to the different effort zones allows you to compare your feeling of the session with the way the horse experienced it.

This does not mean that you should never go into the yellow or red zones. Indeed, to work on the physical condition of the horse, therefore their endurance, it is as with humans, it is necessary to go in a cardio zone a little higher than usual.

In fact, what is needed is a good correlation between the level of effort required and the horse's heart rate, and that the recovery is quick. If during a flat session without difficulty, your horse goes into the "intense" or "very intense" zones, then it is because he has a health problem or too much stress.

If on the other hand, during a difficult cross-country, he enters these same zones, it is normal! The main thing is that the horse recovers well afterwards.

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