The LED indicator is still purple even after the installation of the update has finished!

If the LED indicator of your sensor is still purple after the update, it means that the sensor is still waiting for the update and that it has not been installed. Don't worry. The installation of an update can sometimes take some time.

Make sure that these 3 conditions are fulfilled:

  • Is your Bluetooth connection actived?
  • Do you have a sufficient internet connection?
  • Is your sensor active, i.e. the LED indicator is green?

If all these conditions are fulfilled and the installation of the update still does not work, completely close the Equisense app ("kill app") and start it again. It is possible that you have to do this several times until it works.

If it still does not work, please feel free to contact us at We are happy to help you!

Please fin more information about the colors of the LED indicator in this article: What do the color codes of the LED's indicator mean?

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