I can't accept a horse someone wants to share with me

How to accept a shared horse? 📲

The horse's owner should have sent you a little message that looks like this:

Hi, I'd like to share my horse with you via the Equisense App. Click on this link to accept : https://app.equisense.com/horse_invite?invite_id=fc481149-2467-11e9-b28f-0242ac110002&horse_name=XXXXX&owner_name=XXXXX%20X&lang=fr 
The link will be available for a week and will only work for one person
See you soon

The easiest solution is to copy the link then go in the "Settings" and click on "Horse Sharing Link".

Paste the link you just got right there (just the link), and click on "Validate". Here you go! 👏

You can then go back to "My horse", you'll see the shared horse appear in "My shared horses"!

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