I can't accept a horse someone wants to share with me

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How to accept a shared horse? 📲

The horse's owner should have sent you a little message that looks like this:

Hi, I'd like to share my horse with you via the Equisense App. Click on this link to accept : https://app.equisense.com/horse_invite?invite_id=fc481149-2467-11e9-b28f-0242ac110002&horse_name=XXXXX&owner_name=XXXXX%20X&lang=fr 
The link will be available for a week and will only work for one person
See you soon

The easiest solution is to copy the link https://app.equisense.com/horse_invite?invite_id=fc481149-2467-11e9-b28f-0242ac110002&horse_name=XXXXX&owner_name=XXXXX%20X&lang=fr then go in the "Settings" and click on "Horse Sharing Link".

Paste the link you just got right there (just the link), and click on "Validate". Here you go! 👏

You can then go back to "My horse", you'll see the shared horse appear in "My shared horses"!

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