How to change the units of my GPS tracking?

Updated 1 day ago by Sina

In the Equisense App you have the possibility to track your ride on a GPS map. This adds to all the indicators from your Motion and Motion S sensor your average speed, track of your ride, elevation as well as your speed per gait! The GPS tracking is also available for users without sensor.

The different indicators are displayed by means of different colors on the map! Like that you can see exactly at which time of your ride you where at which gait for instance! Amazing, isn't it?

You can change the unit of the rides according to your needs! You can choose among three options: km/h, mph and m/min. It's as simple as that:

  1. Go to the settings of your Equisense app
  2. Go to Session settings
  3. Click on Units and change to the unit you want to have
Change unit Equisense App

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