I don't have enough data, why?

Updated 7 months ago by Jennifer Arnoux

Did you finish your training session, but the summary of your session indicates that you don’t have enough data to calculate the symmetry?

One reason: You didn’t trot enough on a straight line

These two conditions must be fulfilled to allow the calculation and displaying of your symmetry rating. The rotation of the body (curb, circle) causes a dissymmetry. For your symmetry to be calculated, you must make sure that you trot on a straight line for at least 6 seconds so that the symmetry is then shown in your final report. To be sure that it’s displayed, the total time trotting on a straight line must be at least 20 seconds. You can therefore trot on a straight line for 20 consecutive seconds (easy to do outside) or carry out a cumulative 6 seconds x 4 lines of trotting on a straight line.

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