How do I interpret the symmetry graphics?

Updated 2 years ago by Jennifer Arnoux

The symmetry trend is simply the change in symmetry during your training session. An overall rating is good, but so is seeing the changes.

Horizontally, you see the duration of your session. Vertically, your symmetry rating. The orange bars show each phase of trotting on a straight line during which the symmetry was calculated.

The graphic shows the condition of your horse’s symmetry at specific moments of your session: relaxation, during an exercise, during active recovery phases etc.

Remember, in a precedent article (Cf. “My symmetry rating is low, what does that mean?”), I explained that several factors can affect your horse’s symmetry: like certain exercises on 2 tracks or lateral movements. In this case, the rating may fall for a moment, but then improves. (As in the example above: several drops in symmetry, but the rating generally remains constant.)

You must compare your feelings while riding with the data collected by your Motion.

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