What is the EQS Number?

Updated 3 months ago by Sina

The EQS number consists of the 3 letters "EQS" followed by 9 figures between 1 and 9 "123456789". Here is an example: EQS 14564728.

The EQS number is not the number on the back side of the sensor.

You can find your sensor's EQS number at two different places on your phone:

  1. In the Equisense App
  2. In the Bluetooth parameters of your smartphone
    1. Your mobile device does exactly the same. It looks for available Bluetooth devices and displays them in the Bluetooth parameters. Among these available devices you can find the sensor with its EQS number. 
  3. The EQS number is very important for our customer support service. Please add the number to your request.

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