What does cadence mean?

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Cadence is the number of strides your horse carries out per minute: a stride is defined as all the events that separate two successive steps of the same limb. 

In order to verify the cadence, choose one of your horse’s limbs and count how many times it toches the ground within 1 minute. You will get an idea of the cadence. Otherwise, Motion does it for you and calculates an average rating of the number of steps or strides per minute at each gait.

Example cadence
Example of the cadence

To give you a general idea of the ranges in value, here are a few for horses during dressage/obstacle sessions:

Walk: 40 - 60 strides / min
Trot: 55 - 90 strides / min
Canter: 80 - 120 strides / min 

If you have values that aren’t in these ranges, it’s not a problem, and it’s not a bug in the app. Each horse has its own cadence; more or less slow according to the horse, but also due to other criteria such as experience, discipline etc.

The higher the cadence, the more steps per minute your horse carries out, thus it “rushes” more. The lower the cadence, the bigger your horse’s steps (or that could also mean that it is a little lazy, it depends on the amplitude!).

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