How do I monitor my horse's heart-rate?

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The Motion S sensor ❤️ measures the heart rate of your horse.

Heart-rate is the rhythm, in beats per minute, that beats the heart of your horse.

This heart rate (also noted HR), is measured thanks to the two electrodes of the Motion S: one is on the left part of the attachment, against the heart of the horse, the other is placed under the saddle pad, to the left of the horse. It must be clipped to the attachment with the snap. More information on the fixation here: How do I install the Motion S?

Here some reference values for the heart-rate:

  • At rest (box): 30-40 bpm
  • At walk: 60-80 bpm
  • At trot: 80-100 bpm
  • At canter (flat): 100-120 bpm
  • At canter (CCI4*): 180-220 bpm
  • Maximum heart-rate: 240 bpm

In order for the heart signal to be well transmitted to the Motion S, it is strongly recommended to wet these two electrodes (the gray tissue). Also, the more your horse is hairy, the more it will be necessary to wet so that the signal passes well. We only give you accurate signals! This means that we prefer not to calculate the HR (this may happen due to shaking movements at high speed e.g.) rather than give you false values!

In case you see any gaps in your measurements, make sure that the two electrodes are correctly installed and wet enough. How do I install the electrodes correctly?
The Motion sensor does not measure the heart-rate. Only the Motion S has the necessary electrodes to do this. May I add the strap with electrode to the Motion to get the Motion S?

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