How is the rating of the regularity of the cadence determined?

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We don’t take the value of the cadence itself into account. We look only at its variation. The idea is not to recognize cadence values that are too low or too high but to simply give an indication of “how much did the cadence vary during the session?”.

We calculate the cadence regularity in the same gait for each phase. Let me explain. Imagine an obstacle session during which you carried out a relaxed canter at 85 strides/min with a very regular cadence (8/10), then while working with poles, you cantered at 105 strides/minute with a regularity of 6/10. The old calculation method would have given you a low rating, because the canter went from 85 strides/minute to 105 strides/minute. Now we will give you an average value for each phase, and you will have a regularity of 7/10 (average of 8 and 6/10). Is it more clear now? 

There is no absolute guideline for cadence for all horses as each one has its own benchmark, which can be identified with the help of your coach. You can objectify the cadence and start working on your impressions while riding in order to get a better feeling for it!

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