Why is the rein ratio important for me?

Updated 2 years ago by Jennifer Arnoux

Knowing how much time you spent on each rein enables you to see if the work distribution between left and right rein is identical (50% / 50%) or not. It also allows you to get an idea on how much time you spent on a straight line versus the time spent in a curved line.

When we are riding, we often have the impression that we are working symmetrically even though this is not necessarily the case!

We all prefer one rein to the other, and we have the tendency to spend more time on it, or on the contrary, we spend too much time on the rein we have difficulties on. This can not only lead to a lot of stress, but also to early fatigue, and cause muscular asymmetry over time

In tmost cases, the rider will try to balance the work as much as possible and will attempt to be as close to 50/50 as possible, and at each gait. But it’s not always easy! 

A little clarification: In some cases, especially if a horse has particular locomotive problems, it is advised to work on a specific rein longer than the other. The Equisense App enables you to make sure you respect the recommendations of your veterinarian, coach, or osteopath.

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